Maya Hansen

Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen, with Argentinean father and Danish mother, was born and grew up in Madrid. In 2004 she founded a brand of gothic clothes and in 2006 she created the brand Maya Hansen. This is a brand specialized in corsets and this classic piece of lingerie will be the center of their designs. Inspired by twentieth century corsets. The designs are always featured with high quality fabrics, metal whalebones, minimizing rubbon waist and many layers of fabric adding body to the garment. His record of awards in the world of fashion and the fact to dress up celebrities from the world of music and television industry have been the best advertising to become internationally wellknown. In Lily Blossom we are especially interested in corseterie and we love this brand for its sumptuous but wearable designs, its high quality features and we are absolutelly sure that wearing a Maya Hansen corset will enhance your figure feeling confortable, luxurious and irresistibly attractive.
You will find your corset by Maya Hansen at Lily Blossom boutique.

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